The Child Is Grown, The Dream Is Gone

I Have Become... Comfortably Numb

Dr Satan
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I'm Duncan, 19 years old, I live in Grantham but go to university in Scarborough. Despite what you may think, I have a very eclectic music taste, liking everything from Watchmaker to Sigur Ros to Reel Big Fish to the Chemical Brothers. I play in the two-man nonsensecore band Aural Demolition, and organise the Twisted Realm @ Download festival, which takes place in the campsite at Castle Donington's legendary Download Festival. I love mintcustard with all my heart. I am passionate about the things I care about. My journal isn't very interesting, so I probably wouldn't friend me unless you know me. Even then, I'd probably think twice about it.
a perfect circle, air guitar, alan partridge, alyson hannigan, apocalypse now, arch enemy, autophobia, bad taste, biffy clyro, bill bailey, braindead, brody dalle, buffy the vampire slayer, burnt face man, cammy & d.dude, catherine, charlotte hatherley, cheese, chicken and mushroom pie, chinese food, clutch, concept albums, creative writing, cricket, crisps, cristina scabbia, cryptozoology, csi, dante's inferno, dead kennedys, dead ringers, deftones, demonology, dillinger escape plan, doodling, doom metal, electric wizard, evil clowns, experimental art, experimental music, famous serial killers, fantomas, festivals, fields, free roam games, friends, general geekery, ghost stories, ghosts, gojira, goosebumps, green wing, grey's anatomy, grindcore, gta: san andreas, happy tree friends, haunted places, heavy metal, hockey, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, hugs, internet geekery, internet humour, jackass, japanese and asian horror, jewellery (on girls), jimmy carr, kataklysm, kisses, led zeppelin, lita, livejournal, lord of the rings, love, lycanthropy, machine head, mastodon, mathcore, medievil, meshuggah, metal gear solid, metallica, milk, monsters, mortal kombat, msn, my friends, napalm death, never mind the buzzcocks, nine inch nails, opeth, orgies, pantera, peperami, piercings, pink floyd, playstation 2, pokemon, portishead, practical jokes, pro wrestling, prog, psychedelia, pulp fiction, queens of the stoneage, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rage against the machine, rammstein, ross noble, sarah mclachlan, sarah michelle gellar, savlon!, scarborough, scarecrows, scariest places on earth, sex, shaun of the dead, sin city, slayer, sleeping, snakes on a plane, spaced, stephen king, stick death, subway, sunn o))), system of a down, tenacious d, the berzerker, the black dog, the countryside, the devil's rejects, the league of gentlemen, the mars volta, the simpsons, the twisted realm, thinking, thrash, threesomes, thunderstorms, tool, twiglets, view askew, vinyl, vodka, wikipedia, x-men, youtube